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The Equator The Equator

Rated 4 / 5 stars

a good game, but not without flaws

At first it seems that mathematics does not make for good gameplay, but in this game, you pulled it off well. Making the game calculate automatically depending on different ways of calculation is a very good idea.

There are some flaws though. First of all, the game remains rather the same. The only real difference in each level is the height of the starting stack, which is a shame. More power ups, or a way of earning them would have been a nice additon. Also, in a game like this it would have been a good idea to give the player the choice of where to apply the powerup, seeing as the different possibilities in the stack also depended on chance; having something to break this chance (except for a higher stack) would have kept the game more interesting.

Also, there is one major exploit in the game. I wont detail it here, mostly for the enjoyment of others, but if you want to know about it, feel free to sent me a message (or, in case you already know about it, nevermind).

All in all, a good game with a very good concept, though it has more potential than what you currently put in. I hope to see a future version that is more polished, because this concept seems to be quite addicting. Keep up the good work!

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- CoolioDJ - - CoolioDJ -

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Okay, maybe not original, but good nevertheless

Indeed, after watching the reviews, I found that spin it up has some common traits with your game, but then again, it happens that sometime when you have this great idea, it has been done already by other people. It happens, there is nothing that can be done about it.

However, what those people seem to be forgetting is that adding to an existing concept is also an achievement. Of course, adding a second disc to the whole is not that big a change, but it added to the overall challenge. Compare that with some good selected tracks and you have a nice entertaining game.

And for those claiming that this flash is stolen: the way I see it, stealing a flash is literally taking the swf and posting it under your name. This guy made the game, as the game seems the same in general gameplay alone. If this is called theft, than what about those modern console titles? Could you call command and conquer stolen, because it builded further on the concept of real time strategy? And every tower game, does it mean if you make another tower game, it is also stolen? Heck, you could accuse the entire commercial industry of stealing then, because existing gameconcepts are being recycled since the beginning of games.

So, considering this, I cannot think of this game as stolen, but rather not entirely original. And thumbs up for the excellent work, as it is still a very enjoyable game nonetheless.

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Coolio-Niato responds:

Thanks for backing me up

Just to be a bit clear to all those that say this is stolen. This flash is created 100% by myself with music from the audio portal and synchronized by me, designed by me, and drawn by me. So excuse me for coming up with a similar idea.. next time one of you play some poorly created game that is in the genre of a platformer, why dont you say thats stolen too? How bout every gun game with modified graphix? Thats stolen too right? This is fully conceptionalized and created by me. If you are going to say that a game is stolen on the fact that the concept is similar when everything else is fully recreated go do us a favour and screw yourself plz. ^^

To Cridia, Im glad you enjoy the game. Thanks for bringing to my attention what some people have reviewed in my absense. Truth be told i was unaware spin it up even existed till 3/4 thru production but seeing as many wont believe that, you are right in saying it isnt fully original.


Boomshine Boomshine

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very interesting game!

A simple concept, but yet so addictive, that's how all games should be! It is the first time I actually played a Flash game twice. Maybe you could try to make a little better graphics next time, the graphics were a little bit too simple for my tastes.