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There She Is!! final step There She Is!! final step

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A fantastic to an already fantastic series

With the last two episodes, you really managed to turn this into something extremely impressive, changing something cute into a well thought out drama. While I was already hooked and inspired by Step 2 (mostly thanks to your excellent use of music, which is one of the things that is now something I do in animation as well), I think part 4 propelled the series higher than any of the newground submissions I have seen so far.

These 5 years have not been a waste. Keep up the excellent work!

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There She Is!! step3 There She Is!! step3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Another excellent animation

I must admit I liked the 2nd one better, as it seemed to have a bit better pacing, but once again, you have created a great animation. I am also detecting some hints to a more serious undertone in your animations, I am right?

Anyway, keep up the great work!

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Turnabout Sheezy Turnabout Sheezy

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

too buggy...

Next time when you make a flash like this, make sure the button for the next piece of text goes to a prespecified frame. Using the nextframe actionscript is annoying, especially since you didnt take into account that after some conversations an animation was about to start, resulting in the user to need to press a ludicrous amount of times to either continue or see the animation frame by frame (which didnt exactly help the overall quality of the animation). Next time, before you submit something, make sure all of the bugs or annoying things are gone, so that people will spend more attention to the story and animation, instead of being irritated over small things like the next button.

As for me, I lost interest half way, after the animation just broke down in the middle once, and afterwards I had to keep pressing the button to see the animation frame by frame. Therefore, even though the art is nice, I didnt pay attention to the story.

As for sound, well, I liked the soundtrack of Phoenix Wright, so I guess this one is okay as well. For graphics, everything seems okay. No distinctive style, but still good enough to notice. For the rest; just make sure you remove the bugs in the next animation, and it will be received a whole lot better.

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forgetreality responds:

Thanks, actually one of the few comments that includes good criticism =)

Sadly actionscript isn't my strong point, but I'll do my best in future flashes.

you can't kill me you can't kill me

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice one

I have never been to sheezyart, but this one kinda reminds me of the deviantart policy. They might not journal ban you (they ban you completely at once), but there was an incident like this one a while back (with one of the staff stealing someones work, getting away with it, while everyone speaking out to it got either banned or threatened with a ban). That, and the fact that their rules kind of make it legal for them to steal your work, leaving you with nothing to do about it. In that point of view, the animation was quite on the point, although I would have liked it more to see the story behind the actions of the character fleshed out more. I think, when someone needs to write the story down for the reader to understand, something went wrong with making the animation.

Anyways, that apart, the animation was quite okay. The character was very dynamically animated, and really came to life. I would have liked to see the story more integrated in the movie, instead of it being a text file in the end, but you know that allready. It would have made the evil payoff that much stronger if you did actually. At least, thats what I think.

Voiceover was okay, not annoying, so thats a plus (I generally tend to dislike voiceovers).

Keep up the good work!

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Flash Website Tut Flash Website Tut

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Way too much text

This would have been a great tutorial if you had more graphical examples (like some progress screenshots, instead of only the final product). Also, there is way too much text. You could have made the whole thing a lot easier to read (and understand for that matter) if you used basic formatting like paragraphs.

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EZCheeser responds:

Alright, I'll keep those things in mind if I ever decide to make another tutorial. Thank you for not being a dick like the previous guy. Thank you for the constructive criticism.

Phoenix Wrong: Last Stand Phoenix Wrong: Last Stand

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Truly awesome

No matter how many times I watch it, this piece stays brilliant! Definately one of the best humorous things I have found on NG!
Definately one of a kind; music and sprites combined perfectly!
I especially like the Invader Zim and heavy Metal inspired takes!

Please continue to deliver awesome works like this!

Naruto vs Sasuke 2 Naruto vs Sasuke 2

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Decent, nothing more

Well, for a flash animation that took one year as you say, this was kind of dissapointing. I do like sprites, but since these ones were not made yourselve I would have expected more of the movie. Ow yeah, in case you want to know, crediting the DS games and Masashi Kishimoto would have been a nice thing to do.

the sprites were nice, but not made by yourself. Not that bad, but unfortunately, the rest of the movie was not able to cover the lack of unique visuals. Backgrounds were bland.

The lack of story was dissapointing. Only thing I could think of was that the whole bunch was training, but apart from that it didnt have any appeal. I checked the first Sasuke vs Naruto to check whether I had missed something, but both movies have nothing (except the sprites) in common.

The music on the other hand was nice (even though the soundtrack of Naruto has also been the same the past 5 years), good to incorperate some voice acting as well. One of the nicest touches to this movie.

Decent movie that could have been a lot better if you would have thought more about a story, and made it a little longer.

777 - Part 1 777 - Part 1

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

not especially breathtaking...

(please dont mind any grammatical errors I made, English is not my native language)

Now I dont know how much experience you have with actual Flash animation, but it seems you have still quite some ways to go. To explain the low ratings:

Graphics: I personally tend to dislike any gradients used in flash, as they seem out of place mixed in with vectors. Furthermore, there is no variation in enemy hordes, apart from the flying robot and the big collosus like robot at the end. Animation (no offense) is horrible. You really ought to get some books on animation in general if you want to continue with this kind of thing, as the animation in this movie is very bland. Take for example the last part where she "climbs" up the robot, which is nothing but a static image moving up. I also agree with the previous review, there is too much repetition in the animation sequences you use and motion tweening complete characters is not exactly a good technique to make them credible.

Style: well, not paticularly breathtaking either. I dont dislike the whole style, but it doesnt offer anything new or tantalizing either. It just didnt have that wow feel.

Sound: Pretty good, it fitted well with this movie. The collosus soundtrack during the last battle was also pretty nice, even though completely different in style compared to the first track. If I were you, I would have taken something more like this first track.

Violence: Well, there was some... Nothing great though...

Interactivity/Humor: well, ignore those. I had to fill in something...

Overall: While it wasnt extremely bad, it still needs quite some improvement. You would do good to try something else besides motion tweening everything, but instead try animating it by hand for example. Well, hope it helps...